via FlipCatch. Really really impressive. God that looks dangerous.

via Lewie GREAT edit of some crazy tricks, mostly from the past two years. I'd seen most of them but the only part where I voiced my amazement aloud was 3:15. I don't think I've ever seen a Coca-Cola on floor.

via Jim. Awesome!!!!

via Warren

Saw a link to a post about this dive from They do four and a half synchronized flips. Far from perfect, but super ballsy.

This one is good too.

Though... I think it might look cooler on Springboard (trampoline bias...) See here and here.

via Lewie. Absolutely crazy trampoline act. The commentary is obnoxious, but the skills are sheer insanity. Took gold in the first Budapest International Circus Festival in 1996.

via Sarah. I've only known German wheel from Circus, but it's apparently been a sport in Germany since 1925!

Someone get the dynamometer out, I really want to know how much pressure his arm is taking with these... and not exploding.

via; excellent floor routine. Gigantic tumbling.

AND she's 11.

So raw! 

Tim never fails to inspire me to practice kicks again. 

Remember the Fornasari tramp act I posted last June? I was showing some people and I stumbled onto this training video.

Looks like these days the Fornasari family can be found bullfighting... with terriers. Cute!

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