The name Kinesthesist is inspired by the word kinesthesia, the sense of body awareness. Though every human has it, acrobats must develop their senses to extreme levels in order to perform great feats. Therefore, I like to consider acrobatic athletes and performers kinesthesists - complete and total masters of the body and its relationship to space.

Here I want to share and celebrate the achievements of Kinesthesists as well as foster discussion about and enthusiasm for acrobatics in its many forms.

My name is Ryan, I am an acrobat. I grew up doing gymnastics, diving, martial arts, and a variety of other sports before learning circus arts. Now I practice trampoline, flying trapeze, hand balancing on chairs, juggling, slacklining, and whatever else I'm feeling compelled to learn at the time! You can see videos of me on my YouTube page. I am currently working with Cirque Éloize on the show ID.

Background image is from the series "La Petite Mort" by Sydney based photographer Hamish Ta-mé

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