Hi readers! I've been super busy rehearsing for this show lately; explaining the recent drought of postage. If you live in the New York area, you really ought to come check it out because it's going to be a ton of fun. I'm doing all kinds of acrobatic shenanigans including some tumbling, static trapeze, and handbalancing on chairs.


Stefan Sing has been making really poetic juggling numbers for a while now but they never seemed to pop out at me until this one. It's beautiful.

Awesome! I want to give this one a shot.

I love the look and costumes in this act. The red lassos kind of vanish but other than that it looks great.

It's all about that monstrous tumbling sequence at 1:40.

No, not the champagne, and yes, the kid who did the handbalancing act with the mannequin. Eike is one of those people who can have an act on pretty much anything he wants. He's a superb handbalancer but also an extremely strong all around acrobat. Trickers will appreciate the corkscrew that he uses to kick off the act. It's got a lot of inventive skills and creative images, very distant from traditional chinese pole acts. I especially like when they both jump up and freeze at 4:40.

I want to jam with that guy.

I really wish I were in a position to hire these guys for something...

So this is apparently from a synchronized marching competition at Nippon Sports Science University in Japan. If you get a lot of people together to do hard things at the same time, it's pretty impressive. If you get a huge amount of people to do the simplest thing in the world, you've got to be creative for it to be worthwhile. A lot of really impressive stuff goes down in here, but those crosses at 1:50 really blew me away.

If you like this Japanese brand of insane synchronization but want more acrobatics, then I have to point you in the direction of Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics. I've only seen teams like this from Japanese universities but I'd really like to see this kind of thing done on a global scale (I'm looking at you, Russia.)

Those crashes are GNARLY! But he did it. The acrobatic spirit cannot be stopped by physical handicaps!! I've seen Bill Shannon get down in my living room and Dergin Tokmak's act in Varekai. Duo Jen and Nate do all kinds of rad acrobatics and she has no legs.

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