I can't even imagine being that flexible... But it would be really cool. I'm sort of thinking we need to see this show when we go to Singapore.

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At Hippodrome London UK. Insane.

I... I have no words for this.

Did I ever admit that I secretly want to be a contortion handbalancer? I mean I'm not nearly flexible enough, but if you can lower your center of mass by bending in half, it makes standing on one arm heaps easier.

Jokes aside, everything that Taras Pozdnyakov has been churning out lately with these Raw Art acts is quality. I've got my complaints with his sometimes predictable style and disinclination to ever show faces, but you're not going to find tricks like these anywhere else. I've already lauded several of the acts in the [company? show? project? It's quite vague!] and I'm very excited to see what comes of it. Go here and be completely entertained/overwhelmed for an hour: http://www.youtube.com/user/TarasPozdnyakov

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For the first time I am absolutely awestruck by a cheer routine. I was so dazzled by the intricacy that I was distracted enough not to notice how they pike down all of their twisting tumbling.

I've seen double wide and two facing, but never triple wide. The level of tricks is relatively low and so is the quality of the flying but holy moly if 6:10 isn't one of the ballsiest things I've ever seen.

Gigantic win for being on motorcycles, but gigantic stylistic fail for being way, way too cheesy.

Positively disgusting.

If you thought that was cool,. also see this slow-mo video of the 2010 Battle of the Year.

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