Did I mention how badass my colleagues were?

Collaboration between Cirque Éloize and Funemployed Chicago.

We have landed in Chicago! April 26th to May 8 you can see us at the Cadillac Palace Theater. 

Kohei Uchimura's Konami sponsorship is not surprising because he is obviously using their cheat codes.

via Rudy. Never thought I'd see the day where I'm gawking at my screen, watching a video of extreme scooter. 

via Jim and Lewie. Probably the most inventive video of bboy power I've ever seen. Seriously some next-level stuff.

North Korean circus has been getting pretty extreme (as is the case for most communist nations). It's just so unfathomably dangerous to have two people responsible for catching each arm - what if one of them misses!? Goodbye rotator cuff. 

Shame on the editing at 8:35 because that guy dismounts from the top catcher.

This act took gold at the 12th Festival Circo Latina in Italy. 

I am so in love with Archaos. They worked from 1986 to 1991 mostly in France and UK. Not the greatest acrobatics, but some choice artistic visions. Here, they hang a catcher from what looks like a steam shovel and do mini flying trapeze. 

You might have seen his full act before. It's crazy good because he has insane handstands too - and shows them off. I went looking for new material and found this clip. Also check out his handstand workout; dude looks like he could live in a straddle planche.

Dance? Acro? Adagio? Who cares, it's pretty.

This seems to be pretty viral lately. I don't see an awful lot of power tumbling but these are a couple of pretty excellent passes.

Two inspiring floor routines I've seen recently, mostly for twisting but everything else is beautiful as well:

Sandra Izbasa - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXA0wFax3C8 (Embed disabled)

Triple full punch (gorgeous) stag jump. Her legs are so long.

Flavius Koczi

3.5 twist punch barani! No double saltos, still took gold!

I'm really impressed at the turntabling falls and just general fluidity and difficulty of all of the falls. I struggle to imagine being comfortable falling like that. The one at :26 is ENORMOUS. 

Basic skills, what-ever. 

Old news, I know, but still deserves a spot here. Tempest opened on April 2 in Los Angeles. For more info, go to http://tempestacademy.com/

via Gymnasticscoaching.com. I love the comment uttered in the video "I don't think he needs to do anything else after that." Good to hear a crowd flip out like that at a gym meet.

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