Whoooooaaaaaaaa now.

via Lewie. Beautifully choreographed plank number at Le plus grand cabaret du monde. Balagans recently took gold at the Young Stage festival in Basel, CH.

via Alec, dumb clean flying - triples and quads. The rig at the end is Cirque du Soleil's Zaia.

via Alec. There's a pretty mean drop and his body position pretty archy but hot damn, that's a triple layout at Monte Carlo.

This is the dumbest and most amazing thing I have ever seen. But wait, there's a video coming soon of him doing a front flip down 10m. There's a clip on that channel now but it cuts off right at the landing, TEASED!!!


Did I mention how badass my colleagues were?

Collaboration between Cirque Éloize and Funemployed Chicago.

We have landed in Chicago! April 26th to May 8 you can see us at the Cadillac Palace Theater. 

Kohei Uchimura's Konami sponsorship is not surprising because he is obviously using their cheat codes.

via Rudy. Never thought I'd see the day where I'm gawking at my screen, watching a video of extreme scooter. 

via Jim and Lewie. Probably the most inventive video of bboy power I've ever seen. Seriously some next-level stuff.

North Korean circus has been getting pretty extreme (as is the case for most communist nations). It's just so unfathomably dangerous to have two people responsible for catching each arm - what if one of them misses!? Goodbye rotator cuff. 

Shame on the editing at 8:35 because that guy dismounts from the top catcher.

This act took gold at the 12th Festival Circo Latina in Italy. 

I am so in love with Archaos. They worked from 1986 to 1991 mostly in France and UK. Not the greatest acrobatics, but some choice artistic visions. Here, they hang a catcher from what looks like a steam shovel and do mini flying trapeze. 

You might have seen his full act before. It's crazy good because he has insane handstands too - and shows them off. I went looking for new material and found this clip. Also check out his handstand workout; dude looks like he could live in a straddle planche.

Dance? Acro? Adagio? Who cares, it's pretty.

This seems to be pretty viral lately. I don't see an awful lot of power tumbling but these are a couple of pretty excellent passes.

Two inspiring floor routines I've seen recently, mostly for twisting but everything else is beautiful as well:

Sandra Izbasa - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXA0wFax3C8 (Embed disabled)

Triple full punch (gorgeous) stag jump. Her legs are so long.

Flavius Koczi

3.5 twist punch barani! No double saltos, still took gold!

I'm really impressed at the turntabling falls and just general fluidity and difficulty of all of the falls. I struggle to imagine being comfortable falling like that. The one at :26 is ENORMOUS. 

Basic skills, what-ever. 

Old news, I know, but still deserves a spot here. Tempest opened on April 2 in Los Angeles. For more info, go to http://tempestacademy.com/

via Gymnasticscoaching.com. I love the comment uttered in the video "I don't think he needs to do anything else after that." Good to hear a crowd flip out like that at a gym meet.

via FlipCatch. Really really impressive. God that looks dangerous.

via Lewie GREAT edit of some crazy tricks, mostly from the past two years. I'd seen most of them but the only part where I voiced my amazement aloud was 3:15. I don't think I've ever seen a Coca-Cola on floor.

via Jim. Awesome!!!!

via Warren

Saw a link to a post about this dive from Gymnasticscoaching.com. They do four and a half synchronized flips. Far from perfect, but super ballsy.

This one is good too.

Though... I think it might look cooler on Springboard (trampoline bias...) See here and here.

via Lewie. Absolutely crazy trampoline act. The commentary is obnoxious, but the skills are sheer insanity. Took gold in the first Budapest International Circus Festival in 1996.

via Sarah. I've only known German wheel from Circus, but it's apparently been a sport in Germany since 1925!

Someone get the dynamometer out, I really want to know how much pressure his arm is taking with these... and not exploding.

via Gymnasticscoaching.com; excellent floor routine. Gigantic tumbling.

AND she's 11.

So raw! 

Tim never fails to inspire me to practice kicks again. 

Remember the Fornasari tramp act I posted last June? I was showing some people and I stumbled onto this training video.

Looks like these days the Fornasari family can be found bullfighting... with terriers. Cute!

I can't even imagine being that flexible... But it would be really cool. I'm sort of thinking we need to see this show when we go to Singapore.

Also, via Manda

via Hugo Oullette-Cote

At Hippodrome London UK. Insane.

I... I have no words for this.

Did I ever admit that I secretly want to be a contortion handbalancer? I mean I'm not nearly flexible enough, but if you can lower your center of mass by bending in half, it makes standing on one arm heaps easier.

Jokes aside, everything that Taras Pozdnyakov has been churning out lately with these Raw Art acts is quality. I've got my complaints with his sometimes predictable style and disinclination to ever show faces, but you're not going to find tricks like these anywhere else. I've already lauded several of the acts in the [company? show? project? It's quite vague!] and I'm very excited to see what comes of it. Go here and be completely entertained/overwhelmed for an hour: http://www.youtube.com/user/TarasPozdnyakov

(via GymnasticsCoaching)

For the first time I am absolutely awestruck by a cheer routine. I was so dazzled by the intricacy that I was distracted enough not to notice how they pike down all of their twisting tumbling.

I've seen double wide and two facing, but never triple wide. The level of tricks is relatively low and so is the quality of the flying but holy moly if 6:10 isn't one of the ballsiest things I've ever seen.

Gigantic win for being on motorcycles, but gigantic stylistic fail for being way, way too cheesy.

Positively disgusting.

If you thought that was cool,. also see this slow-mo video of the 2010 Battle of the Year.

Insane beam mounts. I've never had this much fun watching a beam montage.

via GymnasticsCoaching

I just spent the last 5 minutes screaming at my computer screen.


via Julien Roberge

Ooooooouch! Not sure what I feel worse for: the cameraman or the camera!!


Bonus: I just had to try.

Directed by Damien Walters.

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