Tour has rendered me too lazy/tired to do anything more specific, so let me just say that all of these are freaking incredible and if the short description piques your interest, you should probably watch it!

Raphaelle Boitel - Contortion from "La Symphonie du Hanneton" by James Thierrée

Leilani and Sancho - Contortion/Bboy Duo from iD by Cirque Éloize

Peres Brothers - Duo Acro

Yann & Greg - Duo Acro

Pavel Stankievich - Handbalancing on Canes

Chunky Move "Mortal Engine" - Dance with interactive projections

Rosas - Dance on chairs with awesome use of hair and breath!

Do no watch this.

I really really really appreciate that they took the time to list all of the tricks that happen on screen. Something like this could make it really accessible for new trickers and people outside the community to understand (or begin to understand) the amazing amount of variety in tricking. It's not all corkscrews, even though they happen pretty often.

Also giant kudos to the insane level of tricks and editing. Bravo bravo.

In terms of strength this is easily the hardest hand to hand adagio act I have ever seen. Straight ludicrous. Maltese cross? Planche everything? Three consecutive one arm presses? No way.

The people I work with are f-ing incredible.

Absolutely beautiful. He always looks great with good, intentional extension on top of doing absolutely ridiculous skills. Run up punch double back at :41? What-ever.

I love it when you watch a recording of your performance and it simply screams DEMO REEL MATERIAL!

Old news, I know, but I still think it deserves to show up on here.

Might look even better when he's working his hair.

Tossing doubles with the inimitable Maxime Girard. Also, first few flips on jumping stilts.

See also: solo tramp training from Dec 3.

I found an awesome new activity for YouTube nerds: go to Google Translate and find out how to say something in other languages, then search it on YouTube. Chair stacking acts are kind of hard to come by in English, so I figured why not look up some Chinese videos.

The final trick in this is cool: head balance on top of 8 while spinning rings on each limb.

Final trick is a 4 block drop from one arm to a bench on 8 chairs.

This ends with the best finish of any chairs act ever. It's hard to avoid climbing down and being boring but he does a drop from 2 canes to 8, then THROWS DOWN EVERY CHAIR! Clearly he's giving his mechanic a workout, but the audience doesn't know that!!

And so far every base has been a table. This act's base is a little girl!!!

OK inspired now.

Veronica Melis and Beatriz Sayad in Daniele Finzi Pasca's Donka. As they get into position on the floor stage left, a live feed of them is projected onto a curtain at center stage. Then they do this hilariously impossible hand to hand act. Reminds me a lot of Les Kiriki, Acrobates Japonais by Segundo de Chomón from 1907. Funny, sometimes the stuff you think is brilliant and original has already been done, over 100 years ago. The element of being able to watch them live, though, made it even funnier.

via Lewie West.

Either these intrepid backyard acrobats rigged up their own bars everywhere, or the parks department had the great idea of just sticking them everywhere. Either way, it looks as though there's actually a scene of people who do this street high bar stuff. Is this happening anywhere else in the world? America's far too litigious for sure to let this kind of thing (read: fun things) happen in public parks.

While we're on the subject of crazy Russian kids, here's a crew who set up some gym mats and tumbled off of a roof. One kid chucks a roundoff triple.


Skip to 3:00 for the nuttiest HB routine you have ever seen. 3 Kovacs skills (backwards salto OVER the bar in pike, tuck, and full twisting) in the same routine, each done with utter precision. Beautiful form, nasty difficulty. I especially love how definitively he squares out of his dismount a whole 180 degrees before landing. Just awesome...

But no, he's not just a high bar specialist, here's a video of him training and then nailing a couple of triple twisting doubles on floor - 1/1 in 2/1 out.

Good lord, there's even video of him working on a DOUBLE Kovacs. Skip to 5:00.

The future of men's gymnastics is scary. I'm glad I got out of that sport!

If you can't do all of your tricks as casually as Anis, you probably shouldn't be in the stunt industry. Look at that freakin' webster.

Also, I am EXTREMELY excited for Tron.

Just tossing quads like it ain't no thing. I love these seemingly random setups that allow for craziness like this. (We've had our own adventures of the sort!)

Mike Wilson is apparently a pro skier with previous experience on rope swings.

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