Tour has rendered me too lazy/tired to do anything more specific, so let me just say that all of these are freaking incredible and if the short description piques your interest, you should probably watch it!

Raphaelle Boitel - Contortion from "La Symphonie du Hanneton" by James Thierrée

Leilani and Sancho - Contortion/Bboy Duo from iD by Cirque Éloize

Peres Brothers - Duo Acro

Yann & Greg - Duo Acro

Pavel Stankievich - Handbalancing on Canes

Chunky Move "Mortal Engine" - Dance with interactive projections

Rosas - Dance on chairs with awesome use of hair and breath!

Do no watch this.


T Lawrence-Simon said...

hey, that stilt jumping video (the one we weren't supposed to watch). That was at the Academy of Music in Philly! I miss philly. I just saw you in Burlington the other night. Great job.

kinesthesist said...

Naw, that was Namur, Belgium! Haven't been to Philly yet.
Thanks for coming to the show! Tell your friends!!

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