Montreal is a pretty amazing city. Last time I was there, it was March. It snowed. It was terribly cold. I was confused and alone in a big French-speaking city.

This time around my opinion of the town has changed quite a bit, thanks in part to a circus festival, some awesome weather, and a super cute traveling companion to share it with.

This year marks the first ever Montréal Complètement Cirque, a circus festival organized by La TOHU, a nonprofit that in part aims to put Montreal on the radar not just as a home to high-quality circus arts but also an international circus destination. Though the roster is primarily Quebecois circus groups, they also summoned shows from Belgium, Australia, Germany, Wales, and Spain.

We only stayed for one week of the festival (which goes for most of July), we saw four shows: Cirque du Soleil's Totem, Eloize's iD, 7 doigts' Cabaret, and Ea Eo's M2 - which is more circus than I usually get in a year. It was a pretty excellent, very inspiring experience.

Following this there will be four posts - one for each show!


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