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I feel like maybe if I write about Damien Walters 2010 it will prevent the inevitable rush of "have you seen this video w/ ninja man?" e-mails from aunts and uncles and casual acquaintances who know I do "that flippy stuff". Not to belittle Damien Walters in the slightest because for four years in a row his reels have been consistently insane, innovative, and fun. But what makes his videos always go viral?

He starts off this one with a seemingly suicidal back tuck that gets pushed over a ledge. Last year was a standing back tuck on a ledge over a 5 story building. After that, it's a nonstop barrage of free running, tumbling, and just plain fun-looking tricks and stunts that doesn't let go of your attention until the glowy e-mail address at the end.

Though there are people out there that can certainly beat him in terms of difficulty, few can match the sheer range of his skills. (But can he top Azo!?) I think it's the ability to know what will get your attention no matter who you are (specifically, non-acrobats) that makes his videos so successful. Any aunt and uncle or casual acquaintance can understand how cool it is. It's the accessibility, not the difficulty. It's fun and amazing without being pretentious. I'd watch that too.

IMDB says Damien was assistant fight choreographer for Kick-Ass (see picture above!), which was an incredibly fun film. Definitely explains some of the more outlandish stunts in there! Here's to hoping his career keeps going from here and the great energy from his personal videos gets shared with even bigger audiences.

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Jim said...

He works pretty exclusively with Brad Allan so anything that Brad Allan works on, he's usually on it. So he might have worked on Scott Pilgrim as well! =D

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