A Yurchenko is a gymnastics vault where one does a round off onto the springboard followed by a back handspring onto the vaulting surface. The rest is magic.

That's a pretty Yurchenko full right there, let me tell you. I love the way she's fully extended and fully square coming down for the landing with her hands down by her sides. Even worse, she did it more than once!

So obviously that's not the hardest Yurchenko-style vault; there are lots of places to sneak more twists into the entry and flight, but seldom do you see people adding an extra flip:

He's an intense looking dude, and that's an EXTREMELY intense looking vault (on a horse, no less!). It doesn't even look like there's time for another flip in there but he manages it, sticks it, and then sports a huge grin beneath his Colonel Sanders beard.

...And then he piked it.

Any other sweet Yurchenko vaults I need to see?



Matt Russo said...

On that piked one, it looks like the vault has springs inside it... does it?

kinesthesist said...

It doesn't have springs but it's a considerably springier surface. After 2000, the FIG started to inspect the safety of the horse after it was blamed for a number of deaths and paralyses. Though I don't know what that particular vault is made of, the AAI ones used in most American gyms are made of fiberglass tables with a layer of rebounding foam on top. That's why you can see 16 year olds doing Kasumatsu fulls now.

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