I just got back from Michigan yesterday and the show went beautifully. The entire week I was sure that it was going to turn out to be this colossal failure but in the end everybody put their best forward, remembered their lines, and most importantly, turned on. There's something magical that happens when you put a performer in front of an audience that you will never, ever find in a rehearsal. I see it happen to me when I step up to take that first bounce and it's 3 feet higher than it ever was in practice. Either way, the show came together in a way that I didn't imagine, and I'm really happy that it did.

One of the huge surprises was Kim's skating lyra routine. She has this spoken part about how she fell out of ice skating, tried everything, and ended up doing aerial. Her act is the absolute personification of that, and the embodiment of a path very like my own. It's so graceful and set to such a beautiful song (one of my favorite Sigur Rós songs); it kicks the show off with a blaze of resplendence that is hard to follow.


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